making syrup

Had a GREAT visit to Turtle Lane Maple Farm right here in North Andover, Mass..  So much motion goes in to making maple syrup, but this frame of Farmer Kathy stoking the fire really fills the theme like I intended! Thanks for playing!



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4 responses to “making syrup

  1. Indeed, and you have filled the frame wonderfully with Kathy occupying just the RHS. “St Albans, Vermont” that would be the foundry that manufactured the oven? The clarity of the image is such that the action shouts loud and clear.

  2. maryschwalm

    I think you’re right! The “vermont maple syrup standard” manufacturers in North Andover gotta have a vermont made oven!!

  3. Not knowing how it is made, this is an interesting shot! Nice composition.

  4. Paz

    Very cool shot and process!

    I forgot that today was Thursday and posted a non motion photo instead. *sigh* Next time, I’ll post the correct photo.


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