at the feeder

I’m not sure what kind of photo i’m looking for with my feeder infatuation, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t gotten it yet…..  stay tuned, LOTS OF MOTION at the seed dispenser.



Filed under motion thursday

3 responses to “at the feeder

  1. Paz

    I like these feeder photos and the action going on in them. Bring them on. 😉


  2. maryschwalm

    Thanks Paz! It’s a most excellent way to spend a cold winter day, especially now that I can trigger the camera from the heated inside!! I can read the paper and watch for the birds to flutter by peripherally! I’ll keep em coming!

  3. Well, he is certainly on the move! Is that a Blue Jay, by the way, I wonder. I keep hoping to see more contributors to your meme!

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