doh! a deer!

There’s quite a bit of motion in this frame, but not so much you can’t tell it’s a couple of deer! These deer were trying to evade the camera, even the Canon G7 can pull out a frame or two in a dark barn at Smolak Farms. Gotcha, Deer!



Filed under motion thursday

3 responses to “doh! a deer!

  1. Paz

    … A female deer… Ray… a drop of golden sun… Me… a name, I call myself… Fa… A long, long way to go…

    Yeah, I know… I’m getting carried away. 😉

    Love your photo of the deers in motion.


  2. Two different temperaments here! The one watches, the other runs! I know which one I’d be in an emergency!

  3. Here one minute, gone the next! Clever transition and capture!

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